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Final Thoughts From The Road! E-mail
Wednesday, 05 November 2008 00:00


Congrats, Barack! Now comes the hard part. Arf-Arf!

Wow! 4000 miles, 15 cities and lots of shelters and pup rallies later, the BARK THE VOTE campaign has come to an end. With record voter turn-out and president Elect Barack Obama talking about adopting a pooch from a shelter for his family, I must humbly admit that the BARK THE VOTE campaign was a resounding success! As you know, our campaign to get out the vote was non-partisan, but I have to say that now that it's over - I'm partial to the name, Barack since us pooches are always "Baracking" out loud. BOL!

Just a few sage (sage?) thoughts from my trip:

1) Thank you President Eisenhower for the Interstate Highway System!

2) Travel with plenty of healthy, yummy treats. Truck stops don't cotton to canines.

3) Always wear a tee shirt playing ball in your hotel room (I have the rash to prove it!).

4) If you want a crappy room, tell the "pet friendly" hotels you're a dog. (Can you bark Best Western!).

5) Always shake paws with mechanics - you never know when you're gonna need one!

6) Happiness is un-leaded under $2.00 a gallon.

7) At most restaurants, it's pretty hard to mess up fajitas.

8) When someone honks, wave! (unless it's a goose).

9) Just like a sad movie, bring some tissues when you visit a shelter.

10) Green rooms are almost never green!

11) As a breed, pitbulls are so mis-understood (Arf-Arf MN Maddie &CO Premier!)

12) When you're a weather-dog, wardrobe is everything!

13) Google maps is better than - whatever that means!

14) Verizon broadband modems ROCK/BARK!

15) Always drink bottled/filtered water.

16) Nothing beats a comfy bed on the road and at the end of the day.

17) My idea of ruffing it is a Holiday Inn Express.

18) Packing for winter and summer in the same trip - bizarro!

19) Thank goodness this only happens once every four years.

20) What a country. I LOVE the USA!


The end is in sight!

Well, that's it. Thanks for coming along for the ride, so to speak/bark. And before I
head back to my hood across the country i NYC, I want to give a high five to everyone who was so kind & helpful and believed in BARK THE VOTE so we could take this tour. This is the fun part - kinda like in the movies where everyone gets a credit. Except it isn't a movie. Whatever.

A big thank you/high five/big lick to . . .

Nature's Variety, Verizon, Davis Weather Equipment, Vetoquinal, NYC Wraps, Hank, Nicole, Chad, Brian, Fred, Reed, Charlie, Kevin, John, Carolyn, Charlotte, Mitch, Brenda, Kate, David, Ralph, Dave, Zach, Nick, Tony, Cynthia, Jerry & Pat, Buzzy, MJ, Mike, Steve, Peter, Scott, Angela, Jan & John, Teri, Sunny, Eileen & Ed, Maggie Bell, Nicki & Bindi, Sara &Victor, Sonia, Emily, Ann and all my other 2 legged and 4 legged friends who were there for me when I could have just stayed home and chased squirrels instead.

Oh yes, one last thing - I promise! Just like Obama and McCain did - I'm gonna ask for your help. Just because the election is over - shelters still desperately need our support. So, if you would, go to and buy a collar or make a donation to help pets in need. Or go to and buy my 2009 Schmitty's Faux Paws calendar - it's all about socially awkward moments. It's the perfect holiday gift to make your family and friends howl, won't break your wallet (whatever that means) and gives back a portion of the proceeds to help pets in need. There - I've said it and I'm glad!



OK, I'm exhausted. Gotta go nap.

Schmitty, The Real New Yorkie

The Pooch Poll Results! E-mail
Tuesday, 04 November 2008 00:00

Wow! Is it me or does this election feel like it's been going on and on forever? I think we are all ready for this election to be done with so we can get on with our lives - chasing squirrels, playing ball and oh yeah, lots of naps! I know I'm ready for a big long nap.

And now for the results of the BARK THE VOTE Pooch Poll. Drum Roll please!

But wait - before I give you the results - here's a few 4 legged voter comments:
(Sorry I couldn't mention everyones - there were so-o-o-o-o-o many!)

Hank The Tank, a Great Dane from North Carolina voted for Senator Obama. Hank said:
. . . he's going to adopt a pet for his family, so a vote for him gets a rescue dog in the White House.

Cooter Brown, a Miniature Schnauzer from Texas voted for Senator McCain. Cooter said:

Because he and Palen are the only ones with all four on the ground. if you get my drift! Woof!

Mr. Fu, a Westie from California voted for Obama. Mr. Fu said:
That lady w/the old man might shoot me!

Sweet Pea, a Mixed Breed from Arkansas voted for McCain. Sweet Pea said:

I don't think "the other one" can handle the job.

Spike, a Dachschund from New Mexico voted for Obama. Spike said:
He's a cool guy who can change things for the better . . . especially for dogs.

Oompa, a Poodle from Minnesota voted for McCain. Oompa said:
Because John McCain is going to let me keep my doggy bones I earn.

Seven, A Shih Tzu from Ohio voted for Obama. Seven said:
Us pooches need change for a better Doggie America.

Charlie, a Yorkie from New York voted for McCain. Charlie said:
Honest, trustworthy, experience with other breeddogs, does well in gatherings . . .

Diesel, a Lhasa Apso from Kentucky voted for Obama. Diesel said:
I'm a liberal little canine!

Killer, a Chihuahua from North Carolina voted for McCain. Killer said:
He's the only candidate running that actually has rescue dogs, cats and horses.

Ike, a Greyhound from Minnesota voted for Obama. Ike said:
You have to ask?

Munchkin, a Yorkie from Virginia voted for McCain. Munchkin said:

I'm a McCainine and want to see fellow Yorkie Lucy & Desi in the White House.

Now for the results of the pooch poll . . . but wait - just one more thing . . . .

Today was our last day to BARK THE VOTE. As we drove around LA this last voting day, we could tell by all the horn honking and hand/paw waving that the BARK THE VOTE message had gotten out there So, for our last hurrah it was off to Pasedena to visit The Pasadena Humane Society, a shelter that is a part of our DOGS WHO CARE network. I'm so excited to finally take a tour. Steve McNally, top dog at PHS is one funny human, but boy does he do a goodjob. I'm not great at math (not enough fingers!), but I think he said Pasadena Humane Society find homes for close to 97% of the pets who end up there. Wow!


What a pack! OK, who's the leader - BOL!

Then it was off to I Dig My Dog, a doggy day care and pet boutique right in
Pasadena. What a cool place. All the pooches get to play. They even have
nap times. I dig that!


A doggie playground - did I die and go to heaven?


Cameraman Zach, Schmitty & Pudge in the BARK THE VOTE green room


Not much time left to vote!


Put a fork in me - I'm done!


I couldn't have said it better!

Wow! All this time and energy to get humans to vote and now it's almost over. The candidates must be exhausted. I know I am.

OK, IT'S TIME! Yipppee! Here's the final results of the BARK THE VOTE Pooch Poll:

64% voted for Barack Obama
23% voted for John McCain
13% voted undecided.

Does the canine constituency know? We'll see tonight. And I trust that who ever wins will give this country a fair shake. More treats for everyone! Oh my - I'm starting to sound like a politician. I need a nap - but not before I find out who the next president is going to be.

Schmitty, The Real New Yorkie

One More Day! E-mail
Monday, 03 November 2008 00:00

I must tell you this one tail - it happened while driving from Palm Springs to LA on Sunday night. We pulled in to get gas for our BTV Campaign Camper. A curious human asked us what BARK THE VOTE was all about. When he heard we were visiting shelters across the country - he said that on Monday he was going to a shelter to adopt a dog. As we barked our congratulations, he told us that he was going to the Amanda Foundation to adopt his new pooch. Well, we almost flipped cuz that's one of the shelters on our DOGS WHO CARE network (www, and we were going to visit the top dog and founder, Teri Austin at her mobile clinic on that very day. Wow -coincidence? You tell me. (Cuz I certainly don't know what that means. Arf-Arf!)


Hey, you with the cool shirt - e-mail me and let me know how your new pooch is doing!

Monday AM we headed out to the Amanda Foundation Mobile Clinic parked in the Rite Aid parking lot in the Echo Park area. What an experience. And Teri Austin, the top dog and founder - she has more energy than a Jack Russell pup.


You look up the word adorable and this pic of Teri & Pudge is underneath it!

Teri is a fab actress now totally devoted to helping dogs and cats get spayed and neutered. The less unwanted pets being born, the more chances that homeless pets will find homes. Teri's dream like mine - to find loving homes for all pets in need. And spaying and neutering can help make that happen.


Hey, Teri - love ya, but Pudge and I have already been spayed!

This mobile clinic is amazing. Fab vets do all the "fixing" right inside at no cost, so folks who can't afford the operation for their four legged friends can still get it done. It's so good for the pet's health and mood. Hm-m-m-m, helping mood swings? I know some humans who might think about getting spayed and neutered! Only kidding. No I'm not. Yes I am. Arf-Arf!

Below are some pics of what goes on in the clinic. If you are squeamish, you've been warned!


Teri giving the facts to our camera guy, Zach.


I told you not to look! This pooch is being taken good care in the mobile clinic..


A fab vet stitching up the pooch. He'll be ready to go home in no time!


Here's a sweet chihuahua in La-La land waiting to be neutered. Amazing!


Zach had a question about his rabbit. Quick, what are you waiting for!

SideBar: You can send a donation to my 501 C 3 foundation, DOGS WHO CARE, which will help Teri's clinic and other shelters across the country. (

Where was I - oh yes, LA. After visiting the clinic, we were off to nudge humans to vote and visit Tailwaggers in Hollywood. "Hollywood" - I get stars in my eyes when I say that word. Not! But it is a fun place.


Gruman's Theatre - lots of hands and feet prints. The concrete folks must be real mad!


BARK THE VOTE is no Mickey Mouse operation!

Then it was off to Tailwaggers -a fun store right in Hollywood. They sell lots of cool doggie stuff and healthy food like Nature's Variety. They even do grooming. Saw lots of coiffed pooches leaving Tailwaggers. Coiffed? What a funny word. Makes your lips pucker.


Todd's store does make your tail wag!

OK, I'm exhausted. Gotta get ready for the tomorrow - the big day - election day!


This is when I'm so glad I'm only 9 inches tall! Arf-Arf!


Plez. No more cameras. We need our beauty sleep!

Schmitty, The Real New Yorkie

Palm Trees Swaying! E-mail
Sunday, 02 November 2008 00:00

Waking up in warm, Palm Springs was pretty darn nice compared to waking up in Minneapolis in a snow storm. Nice mountain view too. What a country! Got up really early to do a weather report on the main drag - right next to the statue of Sonny Bono, who used to be Mayor of Palm Springs. (Go to BTV LIVE and watch the Palm Springs weather report there cuz I forgot to take pics!). Than we went back to our room and the BTV team helped me worked on my blog.


Sometimes my mind gets as blank as that screen.

Gotta tell ya - this campaigning is a lotta work. I mean a lotta work. Especially after driving all day, calling the media, doing press interviews, visiting shelters & stores and then blogging about it all. We even upload all the pics we take while we're on the road. It's been crazy. Now I know why Obama and McCain have so many humans helping them. This campaigning is exhausting! I wonder if Mr. O and Mr. Mac take a lot of naps too? Whatever, thanks for putting up with me when I get a little behind on my blogging.

Now that I've got that off my furry chest (Whine? Who me?) here's what makes it all worthwhile. TV folks love that my red, white and blue canine campaign is such a fun distraction from the elephants and donkey stories. So, as I go across the country visiting shelters, the TV folks show up to do a story on BARK THE VOTE and the shelters get on TV too. Then lots of humans see the story, visit the shelters and hopefully adopt the wonderful pets in the shelter. Finding homes for pets in need - that's what it's all about. So far, my plan is working. That really makes my tail wag!


Taking a pic of the ABC guy taking pics. So deep!


Jerry & Pat BARK THE VOTE and they don't even have a dog. It's contagious!


Don't ya love it when we just drop in?


Enjoying a hug from my West Coast grandpa!


A pup could get used to this little slice of heaven called Palm Springs!

What great day. Got a little R&R, caught up on my blog, saw my West Coast grandparents and got to sniff some palm trees. Question - how do palm trees grow saw tall and not fall over? Oh yeah, KESQ TV in Palm Springs did a fab story on BARK THE VOTE too. (Click on BTV Live to watch).

Now it's off to LA for the election! Finally!

Schmitty, The Real New Yorkie

Paw Springs - Who Has A Palm? E-mail
Saturday, 01 November 2008 00:00

Since it was at least a 12 1/2 hour drive to Palm Springs from Santa Fe, we stopped in Flagstaff, AZ. We stayed at Little America. How appropo for a Little Dog. Except they did not allowed dogs. In fact, there was a $250.00 fine if they found out if someone had a dog. Sh-h-h-h-h! But hey, there wasn't "A" dog . . . there were two! Arf-Arf! But can you believe that. Little America put a bounty on our Little Heads. Ridiculous. Over all - an OK stay if you don't mind being illegal. I do give their gift shop a four paws up. And the fire in the fireplace in the ski lodge like lobby was nice n' cozy - even if it was pretty warm outside.


Who needs GPS when you've got license plates!


Nice press office!


Our Campaign Camper has a room with a view!

We still had a seven hour drive from Flagstaff to Palm Spring. And tomorrow they wanted me to be on the ABC TV station there, so today was a travel day. Next year, I'm gonna have a driver, so we can sleep while traveling at night. Wait a minute - I sleep anyway. Whatever. We stopped in Sedona to do a weather report. I'm sure glad I didn't pay for a meteorologist degree to do the weather in Sedona. Practically perfect all the time.


No bologna in Sedona when it comes to the weather.


The BTV Team's Christmas Card?


Dear Mr. Buffet - I feel a hit song coming on!

We didn't get to Palm Springs till 8:30 PM that night and we had a dinner date with my
almost 2 legged Grandparents for 8:00PM. I hate to fink on anyone, BUT . . . the folks at
the Palm Springs Hyatt - they gave us the wrong directions getting into Palm Springs. That was the first time getting lost after going across the whole country. It was a silly mistake made by the gal at the front desk. That was so wrong. You try driving around lost in a Campaign Camper!

Well, we finally made it. Had to take a bit of heat from my adopted grandfolks. They were hungrier than a grizzly bear in the spring. But all in all, everything worked out. And get this - we ate outside on the patio at the Spencer Tennis Club, a club that was not only fab . . . but allows pooches too! A big four paws up for the Spencer Club, the food, and the wonderful company. FYI - the salmon was to dee-licious!

All was forgiven with the Hyatt and the wrong directions cuz they are pet friendly. Yeah! I'm starting to really dig this place called Palm Springs.

Schmitty, The Real New Yorkie

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