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Just Like Congress . . . E-mail
Monday, 14 July 2008 00:00

Just like Congress, I went on vacation. Went to Rhode Island. What a nice place. Who knew two cement sidewalk loving dogs from New York City could be so blissfully happy running along the sand in Narragansett, RI. Now if only there was an ocean on the Upper West Side. Oops - with all the barking about global warming, I'd better be careful what I wish for. Arf-Arf!

OK, here's a day at the beach . . . I can't look or I'll cry :(


Here's the beach we went to - notice how my "BARK THE VOTE postcard magically appears on the lower left hand corner of the locked bulletin board. "I'm like a dog with bone. Hey, I AM a dog with a bone!


Learning the ropes of beach etiquette!


Here I am, Master of my Domain over THE ball as my pesky, very wet sister, Pudge looks on.


"But I don't want to leave . . . "2280.jpg

"OK, just one more family picture . . . "


"The great thing about the being at beach - nobody cares if your hairs are in place or not. "

OK, now I'm tan (?), rested, and ready to BARK THE VOTE.

Yappy Summer!

Schmitty, The Real New Yorkie

Yappy 4th of July! E-mail
Thursday, 03 July 2008 00:00

Yappy 4th of July to all my 2 legged and 4 legged friends


Being a patriotic pooch, the 4th is one of my favorite holidays.  Except for the fireworks, of course.  Loud noises that hurt your ears and silly bright lights that hurt your eyes. What's that all about?  Humans can be so weird.

Have a Yappy!

Schmitty, The Real New Yorkie

Riding In Style With Gigi! E-mail
Monday, 30 June 2008 00:00
I know I've been MIA, but lots of work to be done for my BARK THE VOTE bus tour.  I just got back from the  Horse Show way up in Lake Placid, NY.  Boy are my paws tired.  BOL


I met with the nicest human, Gigi Stetler.  She is the top dog for RV Sales of Broward, an RV dealership based in Florida.


Gigi is donating an RV for me and my entourage' to go to the conventions in Denver and Minneapolis in late August and all the way through the elections.  How exciting is that?  So, I will be "Riding in Style" with Gigi, barking the vote and raising awareness and donations for pets in need.  Thank you, Gigi!

FYI - If anyone wants to bark about an RV to rent or buy  - call Gigi at RV Sales of Broward - 1-888-762-3873

It's a great way to go on a vacation with all your 2 legged and 4 legged family members this summer or anytime for that matter.  You will be surprised how economical and environmentally friendly it is to travel in a fab RV.  When you think of what it costs to fly (and who wants to fly with their pooches in cargo anyway!) plus hotels and eating out - it's a great deal and lots of fun too!  So, give Gigi a call.  She's one very nice and very smart human.  Oh yeah -  tell her Schmitty sent you!

Schmitty, The Real New Yorkie

Look Who I Met In Central Park! E-mail
Monday, 23 June 2008 00:00
I love Central Park!  I was taking a walk with my 2 legged folks and pesky sister, Pudge and who did I bump into . . .


Governor Patterson  - the Governor of NY!  Wow!  He had just run a race and he is blind.  What a nice human and what a brave human.


My 2 legged folks told him all about the BARK THE VOTE campaign.  I wonder if he has a dog living with him?  It would be fun to hear what his pooch had to say about the elections.


A "top dog" at Walter Reed Army Hospital was also there and wants the Join The Party-BARK THE VOTE tour to stop and visit with the disabled vets and tell them all about our red, white and blue campaign to Get Out The Vote.

DC here we come!

Schmitty, The Real New Yorkie

Barbara Walters On My Campaign Tail? E-mail
Wednesday, 28 May 2008 18:40

Dying is easy. Blogs are hard! Hey, I'm only a five pound pooch, but how does everyone keep up with writing and reading all these blogs? And they say there are millions of them out there. Amazing.

Speaking of amazing . . . here's a story that happened while out on the BARK THE VOTE campaign trail. A couple of weeks ago, my sister Pudge and I tagged along with my 2 legged folks to my neighborhood Barnes & Noble store at Lincoln Center. My 2 legged folks wanted to fetch an autographed copy of Barbara Walter's new book for a Mom's Day gift. My plan was to go along for the ride and give a BARK THE VOTE postcard to Ms. Walter so she would encourage her dog, Cha-Cha to go to the Pooch Poll on to vote.

Well, not only did my 2 legged folks get her autographed book, but when Barbara looked up and saw Pudge and me across the table - she giggled and next thing you know - she was holding Pudge. Figures - while I'm working the room for BARK THE VOTe, Pudge is getting her picture taken! Someone from the Washington Post even took a picture and asked for my name, Pudge's name and my 2 legged Mom's name.

Fast forward to the next day - I was lying on my pillow (having a strategy meeting, of course!) when I heard Ms. Walters on her show, "The View" say, " By the way, that was not my dog with me in the Washington Post today." HUH? Wouldn't ya know - while I'm working like a dog to Get Out The Vote, my pesky sister, Pudge is in a HUGE front page picture with Barbara in the Style section - with the caption " I thought, well, let people know I have a human side," says Barbara Walters, with her pooch Pudge at a book signing." Amazing!

Just goes to show there are those that serve and those that get all the glory. Arf-Arf! No matter - I just want to know if Cha-Cha ever went to and voted? Barbara Walters. - if you are reading this - help us Get Out The Vote. Why not have your dog, Cha-Cha and me as your 4 legged guests on "The View" to "bark" about taking a bite out of voter apathy. And let poor Pudge pee in peace without someone saying, "Is that Barbara's dog?" BOL! Embarassed

Whaddyathink, Ms. Walters?

Never a dull moment on the campaign trail!


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