Patriotic Pooches

The election for Top Dog of the USA is almost here. Wow - hard to believe. Seems like only yesterday we were dressing up in silly outfits to make our 2 legged friends laugh. Well, now it's time to don (don?) our finest red, white and blue and dress up for a cause. Pooches united! Let's us be seen, heard and respected. Arf-Arf, Schmitty

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San Francisco, CA
its kinna late but I just want u guys to know , what u guys are doing are supra



ChaCha & Pheobe

Hamlin, TX
Me and my new born baby (Pheobe) like to share our red drinking bowl, and when she sleeps I like to cuddle with her.




Palm Desert, CA
Im a Obama voter in Ca



Little Foot

Everett, WA
Don't Forget To Vote!




Sturgis, MI
Nellie say's BARK THE VOTE


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