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I may be just a five pound pooch, but I believe that if all the dog lovin' humans vote - this country will be a kinder, gentler place for all us pooches . . . and other pets too. That's why your vote is so important. So, spread the word, join the party and BARK THE VOTE!

Here's where I stand/sit/stay on some issues:

Happiness For All

OK, this may sound corny, but I believe every creature on this planet and in this country deserves to be happy, especially us dogs! Every pooch deserves to have lots of play time, clean water, healthy food, and a roof over our heads . And oh yeah - someone to love and pick up our poop!
So, what's wrong with being happy?

Health Care

Us dogs come from wolves, not Dogs R Us. We are pack animals - we were not created to stay alone for long periods of time in houses, apartments and lonely backyards. Just like humans, we need to exercise our bodies and minds. I vote for more pack walks with our human and canine companions. If every dog and their human companions took long walks together every single day there would more lean & healthy pooches/people, less visits to the vets/doctors, and more time to stop and smell the roses/bushes!

The Environment

I never understood "Don't eat the yellow snow." Personally, I think it smells pretty good. Whatever. Now we should say - "Watch out for the pink stuff!" Those colorful chemicals that humans use on walkways when it snows makes our paws burn. When we lick the pink salt off, it can make us sick and even kill us! Human shoes also track all that bad stuff into houses. Imagine the harm that can do to all us doggie and baby rug huggers. So how bout a four paws up for finding more natural ways to help our 2 legged and 4 legged American families stay happy and healthy.


Respect for animals! I'm not just talking about stopping our human companions from making us dress up in silly Halloween costumes. I'm talking about being kind to all dogs, all pets, all animals all the time. Us canines are all about unconditional love and we look to our human friends for guidance and safety. So, how bout starting with teaching kids to respect animals. They'll grow up to be kinder, more caring adults for both animals and humans alike. It's not about biting and fighting . . .it's all about licking and loving.

The Economy

"Working like a dog" is a really good thing. Us pups love to learn and work. We herd sheep, guide the blind, bury unsightly bones . . . good jobs are good for everyone. Being alone day in and day out - that's when boredom sets in, we get antsy and we start chewing the wallpaper off the walls. Learning new tricks and working for treats exercises our minds and bodies. Oh boy, give us something to do! There's nothing better than feeling good about a job well done, getting a well deserved pat on the head and being rewarded with yummy stuff to eat. I vote for more learning, more jobs and more treats!

Embracing Diversity

What's that canine saying, "Don't judge a dog by it's spots?" So why do we still do that? Underneath our furry exterior, we're all just dogs trying to live a good life. Look at the long standing feud between mailmen and dogs. What's that all about? Take my mailman - please! Arf-Arf! After a few good sniffs, I now love my mailman and my mailman loves me. I forgot why we were even fighting. Hey, the mailmen/women at the Post Office even have my calendar hanging up in their cubicles. Gandhi lives! It's time to stop judging others by what we look or smell like or what we do for a living. Let's wag our tails and viva our differences. Can we all get along little doggies?

Homeland Security

There is nothing better than a warm bed to sleep in, a good bone to chew on and someone to scratch the itches you can't reach. We have unconditional trust in our human companions that all our needs will be taken care of and we will be protected, especially from the big cat down the street. So, even when we pee on the brand new carpet (me bad!) or nibble on your new handbag (designer tastes!) we should never, ever be afraid of losing our homes. Us pooches want to please so bad. We love to learn. So, when you bring a new dog home to live, please remember we are living, breathing (and pooping) creatures that deserve a chance to live in a loving home. If you take the time to teach us good manners, you will reap the benefits - whatever that means! I have a dream - a home for every dog!

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